Find out How to reduce overdue patients?

Find out How to reduce overdue patients?

We recently updated our overdue patient report to help you keep a close watch on this and possibly get those patients back before it’s too late.

Our patient overdue report takes each patient into account and calculates their own median dispensing cycle by looking at the average number of days between pharmacy visits over the past year.

One-off visits are excluded for items such as antibiotics, so the true dispensing cycle is not skewed by this.

Then, when a patient goes missing for more than 1.5 times the average number of days, we mark him as late.

We write a list like this and the results can then be delivered to each industry, where they can first check if the patient is still enrolled, and if not, they can then follow them further through customer service in hopes of changing their mind. So we have to check how to reduce overdue patients.

How to deal with overdue patients?

The result of each of these telephone calls can be recorded in the patient’s file on the PMR in the pharmacy.

Using these results, we can then compile a report that shows the number of patients who have been successfully re-nominated (we currently track about 20% of our clients who use this method), and we also analyze other causes of patient loss.

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