What are the technical manuals for complex products?

What are the technical manuals for complex products?

Your product is complex and your customers expect high-quality supporting documentation.

3di is experienced in providing useful, accurate and clear technical and user manuals that reflect your product, your brand and meet the expectations of your customers.

3di has designed and written textbooks for many industries and technologies.

We combine our in-house expertise with technical writers who have industry expertise specific to your area – a combination that has proven to work over and over again.

3di knows how to produce exactly the information you and your customers will need, no matter what you call your technical manuals.

For example: an operator’s manual, operator’s manuals, standard operating procedures (SOPs), or an operation and maintenance manual (O&M).

What is the process of creating technical manuals?

Our experience in many industries has helped us to improve the technical development process.

We make it as simple as possible – no matter how complex your product is or how tight your deadline is.

We’d love to share a few technical examples of how-tos can help you decide what’s right for you.

We will recommend and agree with you what should be written, the process and tools to use, as well as the time and budget for the work.

You and your team can concentrate on your core activities while we focus on ours.


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