What is programmatic advertising?

Advertising is an interesting phenomenon that originally took a paper form – people advertised their businesses in newspapers or by handing out leaflets. With the development of technology and the transfer of much of life to the internet, new solutions have emerged to popularise it. What is programmatic advertising? Find out the answer!

What is programmatic advertising? Definition and its origins

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the definitions of terms, related to technologies, but we will try our best to explain what is programmatic advertising. It is a system that oversees all transactions, including those related to buying and placing advertisements on the business website. The beginning of this phenomenon can be dated to 1994, a relatively long time ago.

what is programmatic advertising

Can anyone automate advertising?

To automate adverts, one must first of all have not only the knowledge, but also the right tools to help create them. You can also opt to hire specialists to help you with this. One thing is certain – this cooperation will pay off! This topic is interesting, however, a tad complicated. We have tried to explain it as simply as possible. We are convinced that you already know what is programmatic advertising.


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