What does OEE mean?

Manufacturing companies, regardless of size, are putting more and more emphasis on such an important element as production efficiency and the best possible use of machinery. Single minutes are often at stake, which together determine the profit, and very often also the survival of the company. How to measure the effectiveness of machines? How to compare them? How to determine whether a particular machine could not produce more and better than it does so far? One of the tools in the fight for efficiency is the OEE index.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness – What is it?

Answering the question of what does OEE mean? The idea behind calculating OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) values is the desire to have a determinant of production efficiency in the form of a single number. The OEE formula is quite clear. The indicator measures three key elements which are quality, availability and performance.If OEE is 100%, it means that the three previously mentioned components are excellent, and the company itself is operating at the top of the scale – but it is important to remember that such results are unrealistic. However, it is worth raising the bar.

What does OEE mean

How to calculate OEE?

One of the easiest ways to calculate OEE is to measure three key aspects. Availability which is the planned production time and all planned or unplanned stops. Efficiency in terms of actual production. The last component is quality, or the ratio of qualitative output to actual output.

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