Textil tool lanyards

Meet the textil tool lanyards from the Protekt brand

Textil tool lanyardsTextil tool lanyards offered by Protekt are safe and effective accessories made of durable polyester fibers with a maximum load of 0.25 to 30 kg.

Extremely strong seams and steel carabiners ensure safe use even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Working at height requires special care from employees, both to ensure their own safety and to protect other people involved in the work.

What’s more, workers working at height, regardless of the industry in which they operate, need additional support in the form of textile tool lanyards that allow easy access and prevent light hand tools from falling down.

The offer prepared by Protekt includes durable textile tool lanyards.


Why is it worth investing in textil tool lanyards from Protekt?

Textil tool lanyardsThe Polish manufacturer of personal protective equipment and systems for working at height provides users with textil tool lanyards, which perfectly protect the equipment against falling.

Their wide application is not limited to only one industry, they can effectively support rescuers, construction workers, forestry, energy and even mountaineers.

Among the textile lanyards available on the protekt.uk website you can find: wrist lanyards with Velcro fastening, fastening devices suitable for right and left-handed workers, flexible lanyards for tools (extending up to 120 cm); textile lanyards for securing heavy tools (e.g. chainsaws).

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