Advantages of Aikon’s fly screen door

Find out about the advantages of Aikon’s fly screen door

fly screen doorThe fly screen door is made of durable and durable materials, resistant to weather conditions, temperature and UV radiation. Their main task is to protect rooms against insects, which can be quite bothersome on summer evenings.

The door and frame are made of extruded aluminum, thanks to which they are resistant to bending and damage, and provide rigid stiffening during assembly of the product. The internal corner of the mosquito net is made of aluminum, so it can be painted in any color from the RAL palette.

The mosquito net is made of glass fiber (gray color as standard), thanks to which the material does not bend or crack, effectively protecting against insects and dirt. As standard, the mosquito net is made with aluminum hinges and a nickel-satin handle. A self-closing hinge option is also available.




Using and maintaining our mosquito nets

fly screen doorRemember to properly care for your fly screen door. In late autumn, the mosquito net should be removed, cleaned and put away. We recommend reinstalling it in the spring. The size of the mosquito net frame is selected individually to the size of the window.

The maximum area of ​​the mosquito net on the MD-1 door profile is 1.87 m². In the case of vertical profiles, it is possible to use a 16 mm high brush seal, e.g. used for windows with a floating mullion.

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