Discover the advantages of virtual traveling

Discover the advantages of virtual traveling

As we sit on our couch and post photos, TicketsToDo presents 10 destinations you can travel for free, no passport or airline tickets, straight to the transport on the screen.

Virtual travel is a recipe for a bit of normality in times of blockade. Maybe Dubai? Dubai 360 was launched in 2015 to provide virtual tours.

At that time, it was an interesting sight for those planning to visit the city. And today that’s all that your Dubai vacation would have to offer.

From visiting popular venues to visiting shopping malls and museums, everything is just a click away.

Easy navigation with thumbnails, the culture and atmosphere of the city radiate from the screen, no kidding. We recommend a cool drink while wearing seat belts from the couch.

Or maybe a virtual trip to India or China?

While admitting that India is a land of diversity and a virtual traveling wouldn’t do much justice, the most iconic place can be traveled virtually.

The magnificent Taj Mahal, the age-old symbol of love, and the surprising structure that has a pearly white color in the city of Agra, are accessible from here.

The plane takes you around the Taj Mahal in two parts. Don’t miss the Taj Mahal history. We recommend a handkerchief. The final destination for all travelers in China, the Great Wall of China, can be reached right here.

With its 2,000-year history and spectacular views of the surrounding hills, the Great Wall of China is the second wonder on our list (more to come).

Follow a few arrows and you will reach the top.

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