Al Montazah park ticket price

Al Montazah park ticket price

Al Montazah park ticket priceAl Montazah Park is a very interesting place if we are looking for entertainment for the whole family. It is located on an area of ​​126,000 square meters, which can be a very good idea for spending your free time.

One of the theme parks is Pearls Kingdom, it is a park inspired by water themes, we will meet pirates here, hidden treasures.

It is a very exciting place where we can take advantage of over 25 water slides and swimming pools. Certainly, children who want to learn the history of old pirate expeditions, find a hidden treasure will find entertainment for themselves here.

Of course, adults will also be able to relax in the local swimming pools. It is worth noting that this is a very safe place, it can be used by children of all ages.

Certainly, fun in the pool is a very good idea due to the high air temperatures. Certainly, many people will be looking for a respite, it is a very interesting tourist attraction that is very popular.

It’s worth checking the Al Montazah park ticket price, we can book it online, which is certainly very convenient.

Pearls Kingdom and Island of Legends

Al Montazah park ticket priceIn addition to Pearls Kingdom, we can also find the Island of Legends theme park, thanks to which we can go back to the 18th century, learn about the history, see what steam engines looked like and how the first inventions were created.

In addition, the park also includes the subject of legends, ancient fairy tales, so we can go on a wonderful journey through places that will surely appeal to children.

We can spend a very enjoyable time in the park, spend the whole day playing, enjoy the attractions available in the park.

If we plan a vacation thanks to the website, we can check Al Montazah park ticket price. Of course, online purchase will be associated with the possibility of obtaining a lower price.

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