Email marketing 2022 trends

Meet email marketing 2022 trends

Email marketing 2022 trendsWant to know about email marketing 2022 trends? If so, we invite you to read our entry, as it describes this issue. It is worth checking what is currently hot, because the world, including the digital one, is constantly changing and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with it. In our article, you’ll find information on the 7 email trends that reign supreme in 2022. One of such trends is mobile optimization. It is a popular thing, although it has been with us for a long time. This issue is extremely important because reading messages on mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet, is part of the daily bread. This trend is related to items such as correct display and dark mode.



It’s worth focusing on personalization

Email marketing 2022 trendsAnother point on the email marketing 2022 trends list is personalization. This applies not only to the use of the recipient’s first and last name, but to something much larger. Currently, attention is also paid to the sending time of messages, which is based on the user’s previous actions and the opening of e-mails. It’s also worth paying attention to an anniversary or birthday event. This is a great opportunity to give a gift such as a discount or something similar. We also recommend that you remember about abandoned baskets, which are statistically up to 70%. A reminder message will be a good idea.

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