Vehicle health check – a way to increase after-sales profitability

Vehicle health check

vehicle health checkIt is not easy to keep your technicians motivated and have them run full checks or upgrade the skills of your service consultant’s sales technicians without compromising their customer service skills.

When you can easily track performance and highlight opportunities, you can maximize your revenue. This can be quite complicated due to the amount of different data to be sorted.

The following data sources are required to properly perform a vehicle health check: VHC check data, job sales, parts sales, CRM data, workshop clocking, goals / budgets.

A true reporting solution will check all the elements of the VHC and present them in a simple, readable format so that decision makers at all levels can take faster action. This information will be delivered to the right people in the right level of detail at the right time.



Key vehicle health control measures

vehicle health checkWe can distinguish several most important measures for vehicle health check. These are for sure: identification of red and amber jobs converted into parts and labor sales, revenues and conversion rate to service advisor, average time for VHC.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the income determined by the technician, the income generated by the year of the vehicle, and the deferred work by month.

This information must be presented at different levels of detail depending on the reader. The aftermarket director will only want a dealer performance review so he knows which service manager he needs to talk to.

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