LCD Display – How Does It Work?

Screens surround us everywhere. We may not realize what type of technology we are dealing with on a daily basis. We will devote this article to LCD display, one of the most popular types of screen. Check this article!

What Is a LCD Display?

LCDs, or Liquid Crystal Displays, in wide use today display an image consisting of millions of separate cells, which translate into their resolution. They are all based on several phenomena. In a nutshell, the idea behind LCDs is to take advantage of the change in polarization of light due to changes in the orientation of the liquid crystal under the influence of an electric field. The principle of operation of all LCD displays is very similar, regardless of the exact technology used to make them. They are all based on four basic elements – a light source, a polarizer, an analyzer, electrodes and cells with liquid crystals embedded in them.In LCDs, light passes through polarizers and a layer of liquid crystals. This layer can block the flow of light or change its polarization. Finally, the light goes to color filters, which give it a preset color.

lcd display

The Use Of LCDs – Not Just For Everyday Use!

In recent times, one can observe very great progress in the LCD industry . The advanced LCD has found wide application not only in the production of TVs and screens, but also in the industrial sector. It is perfect for creating very large high-resolution screens. By juxtaposing several LCD displays side by side, it is easy to create any size telebim, which is an excellent advertising medium. Their potential has also been used for many years in the creation of advanced industrial applications in the form of operator panels.

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