Fiberglass flagpole in super windtracker version

Choose fiberglass flagpole in super windtracker version

The flagpole offered by Alumast is made of the best fiberglass, and the mast itself is an excellent fiberglass flagpole in Super Windtracker version.

This fiberglass Super Windtracker flagpole features an internal halyard system and a horizontal lift arm.

This version therefore enables the flag to be changed without having to put down the mast, since the arm itself can be raised.

This type of flagpole displays your logo perfectly, as the flag is always pulled out.

These flagpoles are mounted on a concrete foundation with a tilting base, which is also a big advantage compared to others on the market.

The best masts can only be found at Alumast

At Alumast, we design innovative solutions based on composite technology.

By providing the highest quality products, we make the idea of ​​passive safety universal and accessible.

We believe that thanks to this, we are getting closer and closer to the implementation of the so-called “Vision Zero”, i.e. a vision of the world in which everyone successfully reaches the goal.

We are also distinguished by 20 years of experience, during these 20 years we have also acquired the necessary knowledge.

Moreover, we have created our own research facilities, which closely cooperate with research centers around the world.

In addition, we want to offer our customers, in addition to the highest quality of our products and the materials used for their production, also an extraordinary design.

For this reason, we have established permanent cooperation also with entities from the design industry.

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