Emotional facial recognition

Creating video content and being a creator who is watched by millions of viewers is a very difficult task. Nowadays we live in a time where information assaults us at every turn, making it very easy to lose our concentration. In addition, if we find some materials not very engaging, we are very quickly able to give up watching them in favor of something else. For this reason, it is worth looking around for various types of platforms that are able to help us with this. One such technology is emotional facial recognition.

What can we gain from it?

The technology is based on artificial intelligence, which is able to analyze our facial expressions in real time as we watch and, based on this, verify what emotions we are currently feeling. With emotional facial recognition, we can verify which elements of our material are particularly negative and which need to be improved. In addition, we have the ability to adjust the material for our viewer, so that when such a situation occurs, we can react immediately.

Emotional facial recognition

Emotional facial recognition – where to look?

If we want to improve our videos, emotional facial recognition is certainly the right step. MorphCast is an innovator of this technology, so it is worth trusting them. You can find out more about this on the website as well as try out the platform

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