Sourcing of candidates

Today’s labor market looks different from the one we might have seen just a few dozen years ago. It is now dominated by job offers aimed at people who work in the broader IT industry. For this reason, many professionals do not have to look for a job personally, but it is companies and recruiters who approach them with offers, which makes the market very competitive. For recruiters, this creates a big problem, as the sourcing of candidates is hampered, due to the many offers that candidates receive. How to do it right?

Ways to contact candidates

Although we can still see that LinkedIn is becoming the most popular channel for job listings, limiting the sourcing of candidates to this channel alone is insufficient, especially since we now have a wide range of options. There are several ways to source candidates in a more favorable way. The first is direct messaging on Facebook. This is the most popular social media in the world, so we have a better chance that our candidate will read the message. We can also try our hand at trade fairs.

sourcing of candidates

Sourcing of candidates – where to find more information?

If you are a recruiter and looking for new ways to sourcing of candidates, go to the Talent Place website. There you will find a number of tips that can help you with your recruitment processes and finding the right candidates.

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