What should we know about marketing automation?

Have you ever had the feeling while browsing the Internet that a particular ad is following you? If so, no wonder! You just came across a process called marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

It’s conducted various marketing activities (mainly on the Internet) using special software based on algorithms and artificial intelligence. The purpose of automation is to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns carried out. Thanks to mathematical processes occurring instantly, automation is able to help handle advertising campaigns conducted on a very large scale, as well as better exploit the potential of even the smallest ones. Marketing automation systems collect data on Internet users. This can include consumer interests, demographic factors or the types of actions taken on a given website. Later, based on this data and analysis, the software identifies potential customers and then directs an appropriate, personalized marketing message to them.

marketing automation

What are the pros of this system?

A correctly configured marketing automation system can bring many benefits:

  • improve advertising campaigns and increase sales
  • ability to monitor and analyze the behavior of Internet users in detail
  • automatic creation of offers and advertisements
  • creation of e-mailing lists and customer databases
  • creation and sending of newsletters

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