Things under 10 aed

Meet things under 10 aed

things under 10 aedDo you think things under 10 aed no longer exist? If so, you don’t even know how wrong you are. In our offer you will find useful items at a low price.

The kitchen essential, place-and-push manual slicer is an easy-to-cut tool that makes slicing vegetables and fruit a fun task.

Noon is offering a 35% discount on a “place and push” slicer, which means it costs less than AED 10, only AED 9! The slicer is available in white, silver and yellow and is a must-have for everyday use. Reviewers say the durability of this slicer is impressive.

Another suggestion is the 3-in-1 charging cable. The 21cm micro USB charger can charge all kinds of mobile phones, including iOS and Android. Convenient to carry, it is an essential travel kit.


Offer for women

things under 10 aedAmong the things under 10 aed, we also recommend typically female items.

Coloring your hair is an expensive affair, whether you choose to do it in the salon or at home. The latter option is much cheaper and now comes cheaper thanks to the 6-piece hair color kit, which costs only AED 8.

From the bowl to the different types of brushes and earpieces, the 6-piece hair color DIY kit is offered at a 55% discount.

We also recommend a set of hair bands. There are 100 of them and they cost only AED 9.90. The set is multi-colored, you will find blue, pink, yellow, green rubber bands and much more.

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