How to secure your data?

Password variety is the key to security

How many people most often create passwords for different files? Usually it is a first name and a few numbers, surname, date of birth, or other simple words. They are easy for us to remember, but will also be checked by hackers most often. Another problem is that many people use the same password on all portals and login pages. For this reason, it is enough to decrypt one password and have access to all other data, also in other accounts. Another problem is when the password is written on a piece of paper and left in a visible place. Anyone can access and use it. Password variety is the key to security. You have to remember this.

secure your data

How to secure your data?

The most important thing is to always use a different password on each site you register for. Passwords should not be easy to guess. It’s also worth using uppercase and lowercase letters interchangeably. Many entries also have numbers added to make them more difficult. You can also enter special characters. Many websites allow you to use them in passwords. These characters can be created using the shift key and the selected number. Password variety is the key to security. One password should not be used on several sites. They can be modified, but it is important that they are not the same. To remember all passwords, they can be kept in one password-protected file. Then you only need to remember one thing to log in anywhere. Such security is the most basic and necessary to protect your data from hackers and other intruders.

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