Fully welded boxes from Elsteel

Looking for fully welded boxes? You have come to the perfect place! Renowned manufacturer Elsteel offers a wide range of products that you are sure to be satisfied with. These boxes are made from mild steel to IP69K stainless steel. Elsteel ensures that they are built to the highest standards.

fully welded

Wide range of products

IP69K is the toughest fully welded box available from Elsteel. It meets all the requirements that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. It is completely resistant to harsh environmental conditions. It will be perfect for the medical or marine industry. In addition to this product, Elsteel also offers boxes made of mild steel, finished with care, in various sizes. We also offer stainless steel boxes, which will provide excellent protection for all types of equipment. The last product you can find in our offer is a terminal box.

Why choose Elsteel?

Modular enclosure manufacturer Elsteel is renowned for the quality of its products, which are made with 100% Danish technology. The enclosures are constantly tested and checked according to strict criteria. This ensures that you have the most advanced solution on the market.

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