Why white label dashboard?

White label dashboard

white label dashboardWhite label dashboard is an innovative information board for business results. Thanks to it you will gain access to your data. From anywhere, whether in the office or on the road. Octoboard has over 350 predefined data templates designed for your laptop, office TVs, client portals hosted on your website and shared in printed reports.

SAAS Analytics, i.e. all indicators will finally be in one place. MRR payments, updates, cancellations, reactivations and more than 2,500 metrics in 350+ templates for SAAs companies, startups and investors.

You will reduce the deviation thanks to which you will develop your business. Key subscription metrics can help you identify opportunities, reduce churn, optimize prices, and grow your subscription business.

Report and engage investors. Build valuable relationships with business angels and VC. Communicate progress, send professional updates and turn your investors into advisors!


Get more out of the white label dashboard

white label dashboardThe Octoboard white label dashboard is a tool that will allow you to collect all your data in one place. Thanks to it, you will automatically collect data from all applications in the cloud.

In addition, it will ensure the consistency of this data and will save you a lot of time needed for data visualization, sharing and reporting. Thanks to this tool, you will also be able to manage your devices, or even your office TV or monitors, directly via the Octoboard without the need for a remote control.

It is a real-time business center. You will get to know your data and take control of it. From potential customer site traffic to customer registrations, to the updates needed to keep customers and their support requests.

You will connect sales, marketing, support and DevOps metrics and real-time events. Check out this tool today and the other benefits you can get from it!

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