Why is the mvp development process so important?

Check out the mvp development process

mvp development processBoldare’s specialty is design and development that are closely focused on our clients’ business needs, and the MVP development process is essential to ensuring that our results are always more than fit for purpose.

We use the Scrum methodology with its clear design roles (developers, designers, product owner, scrum master) and short sprints (1-2 weeks) to work quickly and efficiently, often creating a series of MVPs as part of a development path ascending the series constantly improved iterations that test each potential element of the final product.





What else can we offer you in Boldare?

mvp development processA key aspect of our process is always the approach to consulting that we offer to each client. Starting each cooperation with a 1-2 day product workshop that connects the client and the development team, we ensure that we truly understand the client’s needs.

This allows us to develop a custom development strategy for the client, including mvp development process releases. Moreover, at Boldare, we believe that our role is to transfer knowledge.

During the course of the project, we share our knowledge, processes and techniques with the client, seeing the project as part of the client’s larger journey through digital transformation. This gives the customer the opportunity to pursue future development in-house, enabling sustainable development.

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