Mall of emirates to miracle garden

How to get from mall of emirates to miracle garden?

Mall of emirates to miracle gardenMiracle Garden Dubai will take you to the Flower Paradise on Earth. Located in the heart of Dubailand, a 72,000 sqm flower park. has a lot to offer to uae visitors. The park is open only in winter.

To transfer from mall of emirates to miracle garden you can take bus 105 from MOE at 3:56 PM on weekdays. On weekends, the bus departs at 12:04 from Steel Mall of the Emirates.

While traveling on the 105 bus you will be able to enjoy amenities such as air conditioning and WiFi. Additionally, you can be sure that this trip will be safe for you, even if you decide to take a trip to the garden in the middle of the night.




Explore the attractions of the Dubai Miracle Garden area

Mall of emirates to miracle gardenIf you already know how to get from mall of emirates to miracle garden, then you should be interested in the number of attractions that await you in the area you are going to.

Certainly, these include the Butterfly Garden, where you will see thousands of butterflies in a closed environment. In the area you will also find the Dubai International Stadium, which is Dubai Sports City’s 25,000-spectator stadium mainly used for cricket matches.

There are also several hotels near the garden, as well as a golf club, a shopping mall and the village of Five Jumeirah.

Please visit our website and see a detailed map of this unique garden to see the exact location of all attractions and plan your trip in the best possible way.

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