Long goods storage in double tower

Discover our long goods storage in double tower

long goods storage in double towerAre you looking for a way to upgrade your warehouse and make it more functional? Do you want a solution that represents great value for money? Well, you’re in the right place, because our product range is full of proposals that meet these conditions. One of these solutions is long goods storage in double tower. First of all, it is worth mentioning the economy and safety of this product. Working in a warehouse will be much less risky and without dangerous situations. With the help of the presented option you can store such items as pipes, rods, metal profiles or other long goods. What we can guarantee is certainly high quality. This is due to the best materials and attention to detail during the production process. This system is a great way to save space and make better use of space.


Storage on a higher level

long goods storage in double towerThere are many reasons to choose long goods storage in double tower from our range. Functionality is also worth mentioning. This system reduces material waste and saves money. It is particularly suitable for goods that are susceptible to damage. It is possible to store larger quantities, thanks to which the delivery date is extended and there is a protection against market price volatility. Another advantage is the integration with equipment such as forklifts, waterjet, or laser cutting center.


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