Warehouse Emo Neon storage

Modernize your warehouse thanks to emo neon storage

emo neon storageEmo neon storage is the highest quality system that will make storage more convenient and efficient than ever. This will allow you to improve the activities of your company and its faster development.

Emo neon sheet metal storage is LogiTower’s automatic two-tower warehouse. It is integrated with the sheet metal processing center. The industry is the production of illuminated advertising, and the use of a warehouse for sheet metal and plexiglass.

We guarantee that the presented product is of the highest quality, which includes attention to the smallest detail and precision during the production process. This great product will make storing your neon lights easier than ever.




Discover all the advantages of our company

emo neon storageWe are a brand associated with the design and implementation of automated warehouse systems for companies from the industry and logistics areas around the world. Our offer includes such products as an automatic sheet metal warehouse, long, heavy and unusual LogiTower goods. You will also find an automatic storage system for long items such as panels, pipes, LogiComb bars, profiles, as well as a LogiCrane stacker crane.

Our warehouse solutions are individual and comprehensive, including assembly, professional after-sales service and the support of over 60 specialists. It is worth mentioning the flexibility of Logitower projects, which are individually designed and adapted to the client’s needs, the conditions of his warehouse facilities, the type of stored goods and many other factors. So do not wait and order emo neon storage so that your organization can work better.

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