Steel tool lanyards are a good protection for employees

Check the offer on steel tool lanyards offered by the Protekt brand

steel tool lanyardsSteel tool lanyards are basic personal protective equipment. However, when preparing for work, you should also remember about high-quality accessories that facilitate work by making it easier to access tools.

This role is played by steel tool lanyards, which additionally secure the tools during assembly works.

Working at height requires not only proper physical preparation, but also adequate protection against falls.

Every employer must provide protection measures for their employees.

Construction companies that perform work at height must provide safety harnesses that will protect workers from falling, for example from scaffolding.




Invest in steel tool lanyards by Protekt

steel tool lanyardsProtekt, a Polish manufacturer of occupational health and safety equipment, provides its users with steel tool lanyards that protect against falling light hand tools weighing up to 2 kg (all kinds of wrenches and small hammers).

The products available in the store are: a steel tool leash with carabiners on both sides, 63 cm long with a maximum extension of 150 cm.

Available in 5 variants with different opening diameters of a steel carabiner from 7 mm to 14 mm; steel lanyard for tools, 115 cm long, with loops on both sides; and additional elements, such as a lightweight 30 cm cable clip made of galvanized steel with a plastic coating.

A special jacket is attached to the steel lanyards, which additionally protects the worker against injury in the event of a sudden fall of the attached tool.

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