Injection mold storage system – how to organize?

An injection mold storage system is a must-have for every mold owner because storing molds is not easy. The difficulty in storage is due to the large weight and size of the molds. It is worth investing in an automated storage system for injection molds to increase storage efficiency. The systems available in the market are modular, thus ensuring flexibility and facilitating quick installation.

injection mold storage

What is an injection mold?

An injection mold is a complex tool that must simultaneously handle many requirements that occur in the plastic injection process. The primary function of the injection mold is to allow liquid material to fill the molding cavities and produce a product that reflects the shape of the molding cavities. The second primary function of the injection mold is to efficiently and uniformly remove heat from the hot liquid plastic. The third primary function of the injection mold is to enable the removal of molded parts in a fast and repeatable manner. Molds and the injection mold storage system are used in the plastics industry to produce PET bottles, packaging, lids or rubber parts, among other things. In addition, packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial industries can be produced using this method.

What does a special injection mold storage system do for you?

Specialized systems provide protection for warehouse workers and goods. Moreover, the injection mold storage system can be designed in such a way that it can easily integrate with industrial manipulators, overhead cranes. This increases the safety and speed of the unloading and loading process.




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