Find out what are the challenges of storing long goods

Find out what are the challenges of storing long goods

Effective storage of long goods such as aluminum profiles, stainless steel bars, PVC pipes, window and door frames or roof gutters currently requires the implementation of modern technological solutions, automation and robotization.

These are factors that often allow companies to gain an advantage over the competition and secure a stable position on the market.

The storage of long goods requires a very spacious warehouse space and special care to protect the goods against mechanical and chemical damage, e.g. corrosion.

The metal industry faces a serious challenge of storing a wide range of materials and the need to provide easy and quick access to selected types of long bars.

With us, you will learn the answers to such questions: how to deal with the problem and ensure timely deliveries to your customers, whether what aspects are particularly important today for companies producing and storing large amounts of long goods.

Finally, what is the role of LogiTower automated warehouse systems in optimization warehouse processes, that’s the common challenges of storing long goods.

How does it work for bulky and undersized goods?

Long goods are particularly susceptible to mechanical damage due to their large size.

Storing large batches of profiles, rods or pipes on a small warehouse space may result in their deformation due to their significant weight or intralogistic transport conditions.

It is necessary to protect them against damage in order to minimize the loss of goods and to ensure timely deliveries.

The automated LogiTower storage system allows the shelves to be divided into smaller zones, which makes it easier to protect selected types of long goods against contact with other metal elements and access to individual goods.

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