What is digital prototyping all about?

What is digital prototyping all about?

Prototyping can be used as the first step of an experiment in the product development process.

This is the first chance to show your idea to users.

Prototypes come in many different forms, but each one is created to test a basic design concept.

User responses are then used to drive the next stage of development.

With over 250 products serving 89 customers over the past 16 years, we believe that at Boldare we know a thing or two about creating first-class, innovative digital prototyping.

A big part of ensuring high-quality results is our lean startup approach in combination with the scrum framework, we are an agile organization after all.

A key concept of a lean startup that emerges early in the process and helps create a solid foundation for the end product is prototyping.

What is a digital product prototype?

In the projects we deliver in Boldare, the prototype of the first tests (with users, stakeholders and investors) of the overall project concept.

There is no engineering behind the prototype with little or no real functions or actual data.

In fact, a prototype is often a front-end, interactive visualization, or clickable teaser for a product – a means to test and validate the existing look and feel, and the main business concept.

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