Virtual hiring – a new form of recruitment

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our reality. It accelerated some changes and processes that before the pandemic were just beginning. We are talking here about the digitalization of various aspects of our lives. When leaving home and social contacts became a threat to us, many procedures moved online. Due to this fact, we can observe a new trend in the recruitment process – virtual hiring.

 virtual hiring
What challenges does it bring?

Of course, we have known online video interviews long before the pandemic, but it is because of it that Microsoft Teams or Zoom have become the most widely used platforms. It is worth noting that virtual hiring brings with it many challenges, mostly technical. Internet connection is the first problem we face. Both parties should take care of the network speed, as connection disruptions can make the recruitment conversation very difficult. It’s also a good idea to test the platform on which the interview will take place beforehand to get to know its features.

How to prepare for virtual hiring?

We’ve already mentioned having a fast internet connection and testing the platforms, now it’s time for some specific tips. Remember that virutal hiring has the same rules as the normal one. A good first impression will still count, so dress smartly even though you will be in your own home. Make sure you have good lighting, and of course don’t forget to be prepared!

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