How to be safe on the Internet?

How to be safe on the Internet?

How to be safe on the Internet? This question is asked by many Internet users. Unfortunately, many people forget about basic network security. First of all, an antivirus program should be installed on your computer. This is the first step. Scan your computer and check it for viruses and other threats. You should also use legal software and keep it updated. When an update message appears on the computer, it is a good idea to perform it.

be safe on the Internet

Online security

How to be safe on the Internet? First of all, start with the browser. It is worth using popular links, check your privacy settings, install a plug-in that blocks pop-ups. Your data should not be disclosed anywhere, especially in comments, advertisements and private messages to other people. They can be intercepted and used by hackers. If a threat message appears in the browser, it is best to leave the page immediately. You should also not allow so-called cookies everywhere. Yet another protection method is to update your browser software. It is also imperative to keep your passwords in a safe and encrypted place. However, if we receive a suspicious e-mail message, you cannot click on the links in it. However, websites visited on the Internet should always have a padlock stamp, and the address should start with https. So the padlock is visible in the bar at the top of the page where you enter your search address. It is definitely not possible to log into your accounts when the site is unsecured. Data may then be intercepted by hackers.

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