Decorative Venezia panels

Decorate your wall with Venezia panels?

Venezia panelsDiscover our Venezia panels made of natural stone. They come in three colours: gold, white and grey. Stone cladding looks great in both residential interiors and exteriors, thanks to the fact that they are made of 100% natural stones of different sizes. Our wall panels are very easy to install and are suitable even for DIY enthusiasts. They require practically no maintenance and are resistant to frost, moisture and UV rays. Stone cladding brings many new possibilities to modern architecture. Applied externally, they improve the appearance of existing and new buildings, while inside they are perfect as decorative walls or accent elements.



Tasteful decorative stone for your wall

Venezia panelsIt is worth using Venezia panels on your walls, which are suitable as a facade element both inside and outside your house. Brightly coloured stones used in these panels come in different thicknesses and lengths. Everything so that the final effect is natural and in no way resembles an artificially created façade. Quality is important to us and we would like to inform our customers that the installation of each tile is simple and uncomplicated and can be done by yourself with the help of basic tools. What else characterises this product? First of all, amazing texture and colour. Stone can be used as a finishing material and fulfill itself both as a utilitarian and decorative element. So we encourage you to buy. We invite both individual and business customers who are interested in such a finishing solution to contact us.

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