Classic light face stone

Meet the classic light face stone from Real Stone Cladding!

Classic light face stoneClassic light face stone are travertine tiles of uniform color. This is a wide range of beautiful split travertine tiles for exterior and interior applications in a variety of colors. These slips are of equal height and random length, and are approximately 20 mm thick. Very easy to use. Quarry travertine rock was cut to obtain four straight edges, a sawn ridge, and a split face. This type of cut allows quick and easy assembly. A high-quality alternative to other types of stone cladding and brick tiles.



Why is it still worth choosing classic light face stone?

Classic light face stoneClassic light face stone has an unlimited range of applications, including excellent exterior and interior facades and decorative applications – split face tiles can be successfully used as a finishing material on external walls, decorative finishing in commercial spaces, as well as high-quality finishing in domestic applications. Their sizes are 70mm high and random lengths with an average thickness of 20mm. The weight is about 40 kg per sqm. There are as many as 15 colors available, the price per sqm starts from £ 42 + VAT.

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