Ashlar sandstone rsc war

Meet the ashlar sandstone rsc war offered by the Real Stone Cladding brand

Ashlar sandstone rsc warAshlar sandstone rsc war is a medium-soft natural sandstone in yellow and buff, with a thickness of 15mm to 20mm for gluing, while a thickness of 30mm is ideal for rain-proof facade systems, and 80mm for ashlar masonry.

We supply these and other sandstone cladding in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Many standard finishes are available, including glossy polished sandstone that is hard to distinguish from marble.

Almost any other finish can also be supplied. Additionally, on request, you can make elements of architectural stone, such as lintels, window sills and reveals.

Why ashlar sandstone rsc war from us is the best?

Ashlar sandstone rsc warSandstone ashlar sandstone rsc war is not only a beautiful composition, but also a synonym of the highest quality.

We strive to satisfy even the most demanding customers and supply thin layer sandstone, sandstone sandstone and random sandstone.

From a thickness of just 12 mm, this sandstone cladding can be installed on any surface, even as light as a partition wall.

In situations where, for various reasons, such as technical constraints or the need for a more economical alternative, the use of full-depth wall stone is not desired, our range of sandstone cladding will meet your needs.

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