Alumast multi smartpoles

Check what Alumast multi smartpoles can give you

smartpole multiThe Smartpole Multi is multifunctional lighting pole is a lighting pole that does not have to be only a structure supporting the luminaire. The range of possibilities for additional equipment of multimedia poles is very wide and depends on the needs and specificity of the place and the surroundings.

Its advantages include a mobile and multimedia solution that enables wireless lighting management. Provides low CO2 emissions and can be 100% recycled. Its structure is light and ensures full safety of use.






Why are Alumast products the best?

smartpole multiThe ALUMAST capital group is a producer of comprehensive, innovative composite solutions for the energy, road, rail, water, construction and HoReCa industries. High-quality solutions of the ALUMAST SA Group are present in nearly 40 countries around the world. SWE, the company name of which is an abbreviation of Sun Wind Energy.

This company specializes in engineering solutions in the field of renewable energy sources. Comprehensive, innovative solutions in the field of photovoltaic and wind energy include the supply of components, assembly, as well as supervision and professional service.

The company also provides Smartpole Multi, advice and support in obtaining external sources of financing for this type of investment. SWE comprehensively supports both small roof installations and large ground installations.

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