COVID impact on newspaper

Do you know what the COVID impact on newspaper is?

COVID impact on newspaperFind out what the COVID impact on newspaper is from Conquest Consulting. It’s no secret that the global press industry has had several difficult decades behind it.

People spend less time on print media because digital and online media are readily available in real time.

It has been quite difficult for the industry to adapt to the new digital ways of communicating news.

News publications diversified their activities and moved to the Internet, trying to counteract the continued decline in printed newspaper sales and the resulting loss of revenue. However, COVID-19 has become a new challenge for the industry.


Meet the COVID impact on newspaper

COVID impact on newspaper

COVID impact on newspaper, because COVID-19 has radically changed our media habits.

The pandemic drastically increased media consumption and has spread across the globe.

Research data shows that everyone around the world is spending more time on social media and messaging services. Gaming and streaming services have seen a significant increase in the pandemic.

Social media consumption increased by 21% compared to the previous year. News consumption increased by 36% and reading audiobooks and books increased by 14% than before (Statista, 2020).

The study also found that one in five UK homes signed up for a new video streaming subscription during the Great Lockdown (Statista, 2020). In the current environment, publications need to find new, innovative and creative ways to attract attention and build relationships with their readers.

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