Social media promote

What should social media promote look like?

Social media promoteYou can have social media icons on your site – but busy visitors won’t necessarily notice them. So how to effectively use social media promote?

A great way is to use the email list.

You can put the post itself in an email or, if you prefer, take a screenshot for sharing.

This is a great way to get attention to your social media channels. You can encourage email recipients to follow you on social media for more content, or you can create a link to a shared post and invite them to leave a comment or reaction.



Links in every email

Social media promoteWhen connecting social media promote with mailing, it is worth including a link to your profile in each message.

If you created these links months or years ago, when you started your email marketing list, here are some steps below.

Check that you have included all of your major social media channels (maybe you have recently added new ones or changed your strategy). Make sure all social media links are working properly.

Also consider if you want to change the look of the social media icons. You may want them to blend in with your color scheme like in the example above, or you may want to use a color that stands out.

It may sound simple, but it’s better to make sure you have links to major social media channels in every email. Many companies do this in the footer of their emails with social media icons.

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