Recruitment email marketing

Find out what is recruitment email marketing

recruitment email marketingRecruiting Email Marketing means sending email to people who (a) have signed up to receive updates from you and (b) may be interested in the positions you advertise. Recruitment email marketing is definitely not about sending bulk spam messages to people who haven’t asked for contact.

You’re probably already using email marketing to reach your target customers, however, are you using email to help you recruit? Email can be a great channel to use in recruiting.

Whether you’re looking to hire employees for your business or you’re a multi-company recruiter, your email list can be a huge asset… if you use it well. Find out what mass shipping is in recruiting.




What are the types of email marketing content?

recruitment email marketingIt is worth knowing the types of content of recruitment email marketing. There are many different types of content you can post to entice people to apply for jobs at your company.

Some of them are more immediate and immediate; others help “warm up” your email list, thereby arousing the curiosity of some candidates.

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