Bikes for men – how do you choose the right one?

The variety of bikes for men and women that can be found on sale makes it difficult to identify one particular type of bike that will be a good choice for a man. After all, within the range of bikes dedicated to men, there are mountain bikes as well as road bikes or city bikes.

What do bikes for men look like?

A men’s bicycle is a bicycle with a properly constructed frame, which is clearly different from a “lady’s” frame (it is not slanted), but this is not the end of the differences. Regardless of the type of bicycle, men’s models may also differ from women’s models in weight, dimensions and aesthetics. This is why it is advisable to choose bicycles according to the manufacturer’s suggestion – bikes for men should be bought by men, and women’s models by women. Then we have the best chance of adjusting the bike to our own needs, strength and body weight.

bikes for men

How to choose a bike for a man?

The range of bikes for men is extremely varied and wide, as it includes bikes of different types. Before delving into the nuances of which frame is best and which wheel size should be considered ideal, it is worth focusing on some basics:

  • The type of bike – This is because under the term men’s bikes there are such diverse options as road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes or cross bikes. In order to focus on finding the best option, it is important to narrow down the available options to those bikes which will meet your specific expectations.
  • Available budget – it is worth specifying your preferred budget at the outset to narrow down your search results.

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