Semilac gel polish 128

Semilac 128 for beautiful nails

semilac 128In our offer you will find a lot of products with which you will take care of your nails and make them look better than ever. We recommend our semilac 128 varnish.

Its magical texture makes it never been easier to create a perfect styling. The characteristic features of this gel are adhesive properties and fast curing.

We also guarantee the absence of chipping and residues on the skins and excellent adhesion. The revolutionary formula makes the product long-lasting, and the effect lasts up to 3 weeks.

The SEMILAC UV hybrid nail polish combines the features of a UV gel and a nail polish.

The advanced production technology of SEMILAC UV hybrid varnish and specially selected and prepared pigments give it the highest, highest quality of all hybrid products.




Gel nail polish offer

Semilac 128Our assortment includes a wealth of gel nail polishes of various colors. In addition to semilac 128, we offer indigo gels, blue lagoon, cobalt, green glass, glitter red, mint and many more.

We check on an ongoing basis what is the trend in the world, what colors will be on top every season. How the world of fashion is created, what color shades are used on the most important catwalks.

At the same time, we design the colors of our hybrid varnishes that correspond to everyday use.

The colors are designed to be highly pigmented, wonderfully deep and beautiful.

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