Semilac 574

Semilac 574 for the effect of beautiful nails

semilac 574A beautiful, bright salmon color in a shade of pale pink is a feature of our semilac 574. This nail gel looks great on its own and does not need elegant accessories.

It is well balanced and looks beautiful with a glossy or matte finish, and enriched with lace ornaments gives a unique look, regardless of the selected nail shape.

However, you should remember about the safety rules. Keep the product away from children and avoid contact with the eyes.

Do not inhale the vapors directly as it may cause an allergic reaction. We also recommend avoiding contact with the skin and hardening it in a UV / LED lamp.





Gel Polish Colors collection

semilac 574

Semilac 574 is part of an amazing collection called Gel Polish Colors.

The base colors of Semilac are over 20 collections and over 250 colors. In addition, special collections of colored hybrid varnishes are designed and issued for each season of the year.

The gel polish market is constantly developing, customers expect more and more sophisticated colors that will match the season, trend and personality. Semilac tries to meet the expectations of the most demanding.

We check on an ongoing basis what is the trend in the world, what colors will be on top every season. How the world of fashion is created, what color shades are used on the most important catwalks. At the same time, we design the colors of our hybrid varnishes that correspond to everyday use.

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