Semilac 218 office nails

Meet the perfect semilac 218 office

Semilac 218Semilac 218 full lilac varnish belongs to the business Line collection, i.e. a collection of delicate colors that will work perfectly in the office, during important meetings and elegant banquets, and Semilac 218 is one of them.

They are also perfect for everyday manicure. UV Business Line hybrids are delivered in a new, stylish packaging, in an elegant white bottle with a silver cap.

The Semilac formula has been prepared in such a way as to obtain a long-lasting and perfect manicure, without chipping and scratch-resistant nails.

This is a great incentive to use the Semilac hybrid varnish system. Our products are recommended to professional nail stylists, beauty salons and trained users of home hybrid varnishes.

Semilac gel polishes are suitable for both manicure and pedicure, thanks to which they are durable and shiny.



Why semilac 218?

Semilac 218Semilac 218, like all other SEMILAC® UV hybrid varnishes, combine the features of UV gel and nail polish.

The advanced production technology of SEMILAC® UV hybrid varnish and specially selected and prepared pigments give it the highest, highest quality of all hybrid products.

Hybrid varnish is a new dimension of classic varnishes. This system allows you to enjoy long-lasting and beautiful hybrid nails for up to 21 days.

The main difference between classic varnish and hybrid varnish is that it must be cured in a UV or UV LED lamp.

Hybrid manicure is becoming more and more popular, and women are convinced of the hybrid manicure due to its many benefits.

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